“Students skipping school and university or using “newspaper, telephone books, rags,” as sanitary products has prompted a campaign to provide the necessary items to those in need.Charities campaigning to bring awareness to the problem say young women and girls are missing out on school and university and teachers have been paying for sanitary items due to their high cost.” (1)


In mid-2016, Labour MP Louisa Wall called for community help for school students who skip school every month when they have their periods, because their families can’t afford to buy sanitary products. Others resort to using newspaper, telephone books or rags.

Chrissie and Soala, like many others, were dismayed to learn that a lack of access to sanitary products was effectively denying these young women an education. They approached Auckland Foundation who helped them set up a fund to support this cause

The need is great, and SPINZS has been set up to address it.

(1) Laura Bootham, “Girls using ‘telephone books, rags’ as sanitary products” Radio NZ, 28 July 2016, http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/309591/girls-using-%27telephone-books,-rags%27-as-sanitary-products


TVNZ’s Seven Sharp visits SPINZS

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