It’s a little-known fact that hundreds of girls from lower socio-economic backgrounds skip school every month because their families can’t afford to buy sanitary pads.


SPINZS (Sanitary Products in New Zealand Schools)  was created to make a difference to these girls who go without by purchasing and distributing sanitary products to schools where this is known to be an issue. 

SPINZS is a sub-fund of the Auckland Foundation, a registered charity set up by two experienced business women, Chrissie Taylor of Lily Taylor and Soala Wilson of The Works Hair Salon.

Chrissie and Soala are passionate about serving their community, and well known for their advocacy on behalf of the Grey Lynn community. SPINZS sees them turn their considerable talents in a new direction: the education of young women. We believe that every child has the right to an education that is not compromised by embarrassment or shame. 

We hope that people who want to make a positive difference now can. By supporting the SPINZS you are helping to ensure all girls have the opportunity to attend school regularly, helping to break the cycle of disadvantage and inequality.

Chrissie Taylor

Soala Wilson

A message from one of the creators of SPINZS; Soala Wilson:

“Chrissie and I come from opposite sides of the spectrum, she never went without and I grew up in an impoverished home. Sanitary products were luxury items, therefore, it was never on the family shopping list.

One time, I remember begging my mother for some money so I could buy some pads but I just had to make do with whatever I could find. This project is very personal for me; I felt ashamed and embarrassed,  was 15 years old. I understand how these girls feel.

Getting involved in this charity is the most rewarding thing; helping these girls and young women as we strive for a better future of Aotearoa NZ. They are the future generation and for goodness sake, they could do with all the help they need right now.”


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